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Corn flour mill plant

corn flour Production line adopts the most advanced and super fine dry milling method to obtain high quality maize grits, maize flour. There is no need of water addition in whole maize milling process. The maize/corn flours, grits milling production line is featured by advanced technology, fine and specialized quality, low energy consumption, and good product quality, high purity maize or corn, etc. The finished maize products are widely applicable in processing of food, sugars, or beer etc. complete maize/corn flour mill line includes cleaning machine, peeling machine and flour milling machine.


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1). Cleaning machine is to remove all dirt such as iron, stone, sand, soil, hull or others.

2). Peeling machine is to remove corn germ, remove root and black hilum then separate.

3). Flour milling machine is to grind peeled corn into fine maize flour. 

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