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We can supply the wet sand dryer, river sand dryer, sea sand dryer, yellow sand dryer, silica sand dryer and so on. The three-cylinder dryer is the introduction of aboard technology,  made of three different diameters cylinders, which contacts each other in different angle and distance stripper plate and guide plate, to ensure the drying sand rotating by gravity among the spiral movement direction, also keep enough retention time and sufficient dispersion in the process to contact complete with the heat airflow.



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Three cylinder sand dryer adopts roller and belt friction transmission, 

has a low power transmission and reduces the noise of equipment. 

Sealing system adopts a micro touch technology, has a better sealing 

effect, reduces the dust pollution. The heating fuel can be coal, gas, or oil.


cylinder self insulation, high thermal efficiency, energy saved.

Heat-resisting wear-resisting alloy steel plate. 

High temperature inside is 150℃, discharge temperature is 60℃.

Small space occupy, roller rotation, no reducer.


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