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Waste composting reactor

city/life/food waste is renewable souce, can be fermented into organic fertilizer for our plants and soil. our vertical compost reactor is designed to do the composting in a sealing space and small area. it is different from the traditional compost turner machine, which will cover a lot of space and do ground construction. 

Vertical composting reactor is mainly used to turn and mix organic waste like animal manure, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, bad meal and straw residue sawdust and other organic waste for anaerobic fermentation. The machine is widely used in organic fertilizer plant, sludge dump plant, horticulture plantation, fermentation of double spore decomposition and removal of water operation. The machine can be fermented for 24 hours, covering an area of 10-30 ㎡. There is no pollution by adopting closed fermentation. It can be adjusted to 80-100℃ high temperature for eliminating pests and its eggs completely. We can produce the reactor 5-50mm³ different capacity, different forms (horizontal or vertical) fermentation tank.



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Work theory of composting reactor

Waste composting reactor is composed of cylindrical containers, screw mixing blades and transmission parts. The cylinder structure ensures the small resistance movement of the material to be mixed in the tank. The positive and negative rotating screw is mounted on the same horizontal axis to form a low-power and efficient mixing environment. The ribbon-shaped leaves are generally made of double or three. The outer spiral of the material from both sides to the central collection, the inner layer of the material from the center to the two sides of the transport, the material can flow in the formation of more eddy current, speed up the mixing speed and fermented fully.

Feature of composting reactor

  1. Vertical design taking a small occupy space
  2. Close or sealing fermentation, no odor in the air
  3. Wide application to city/life/food/garden/sewage waste treatment
  4. Electric heating to transfer oil with cotton thermal insulation
  5. Inner can be stainless steel plate with thickness 4-8mm
  6. With insulating layer jacket to improve the composting temperature
  7. With power cabinet to control the temperature automatically
  8. Easy use and maintain and can reach self clean
  9. Paddle mixing shaft can reach complete and full mixing and blending materials

our composting reactor detail picture 

inner mixing shaft 

reactor 1

small type 2m3/d

small reactor

20m3 /day type

reactor 2

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