Waste Recycling Production Line

Waste tire recycling equipment

Waste tire recycling or rubber Powder Production Line mainly crushes the waste tire(diameter less than 1300mm) and other rubber resource into rubber powder which sized 20-30mesh. During the process, steel, fiber and other useful materials will be collected through classifying. These rubber powder are very good material for reclaim rubber and other more rubber product.

it is mainly composed of the shredder, screening machine, rubber mill, dust collecting system and cabinet. 

The shredder is wide application, can be used to shredd other materials like: plastic, waste wood pallet, small metals, circuit board, etc.

waste tire recycling equipment is more and more popular in the market, the final recycling rubber can be used as the modified asphalt for highway construction, also for rubber track, for reclaimed rubber and speed bump, etc.




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flowchart of waste tire recycling 

At first, the waste tire disintegrate machines will cut tire to 3.5cm3 blocks.

Secondly, grinder will mill the blocks and get rubber powders with steel wire.

Thirdly, the rubber powder will go through screening magnetic separation conveyor, it will separate steel wire and make 10mesh-40mesh(adjustable) pure rubber powders. If the rubber powder can't arrive specified mesh, it will be returned into grinder by conveyor. The whole processing have no any waste air and waste water, environment friendly.

tire plant 1

waste tire

rubber powder

Feature of waste tire recycling machine equipment

use to process diameter 400-3000mm waste tire

final rubber powder can be 5-100 mesh accordingly

automatically separate the rubber crumbs, steel and fibre

4-6 workers to operate the 1-3t/h waste tire recycling plant

advised factory size: 400m2, factory building with 6m height

long life use and high utilization, safe and secure, user-friendly

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