Belt Conveyors

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Introduction of Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyor is a common material conveying equipment used to transport materials to the target location. It consists of a continuous belt driven and supported by a drive unit and conveyor frame. Belt conveyors have many advantages such as high efficiency, multi-function, flexibility, and reliability. It can continuously transport materials and improve production efficiency. Suitable for various materials, including granules, powders, lump materials, etc. It has a simple structure and is easy to maintain and maintain.

Feature of Belt Conveyors

1. Efficiency: Belt conveyors can transport materials uninterrupted and reduce labor costs.

2. Wide application: suitable for various forms of materials such as powdered organic fertilizer, granular fertilizer, Npk granules, urea fertilizer, cement, grain, etc.

3. Flexibility: It is suitable for a variety of venues and can be used with a variety of equipment to achieve flexible transportation.

4. Safety system: equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as dust covers, anti-collision devices, etc., to improve work safety.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: adopt energy-saving driving devices to reduce energy consumption. Enclosed conveying can be achieved to reduce the generation of dust and noise.

Working Process of Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyor drives the belt through the driving device to achieve continuous movement of materials. The material is put into the starting position of the belt conveyor, and the motor transmits power to the conveying roller through the reducer or transmission device. The drum moves continuously, driving the belt to move the material to the other end. Maintain a steady speed and transport the material to the end position. The materials are processed by other equipment for the next process. The belt conveyor can adjust the transportation speed and material flow rate through conveying gradient and other methods to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Technical Parameter of Belt Conveyors

Lenght (m)3~25

Belt Width (mm)4005006508001000
Belt Speed (m/s)

Lifting Height (m)1.2~9.7

Conveying Capacity

Product Details of Belt Conveyors



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