Chicken Manure Compost Fermentation Process And Impact

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In poultry farms, the disposal of manure is a vital matter. Excessive amounts of chicken and cow manure seriously impact the environment and affect air quality. At the same time, valuable biological resources are wasted. We can turn waste into treasure and realize resource reuse through fermentation and composting.

Important conditions for Composting Fermentation 

Poultry manure can be processed through various fermentation methods to turn biowaste into organic fertilizer.

Microbial decomposition: Organic waste relies on microorganisms to decompose organic matter in the waste and convert it into organic compounds and inorganic matter.

·Aerobic fermentation: When organic waste is stacked in an environment with sufficient oxygen, bacteria, and fungi grow rapidly and can effectively decompose organic waste.

·Temperature environment: Create a suitable temperature and humidity environment for biological waste to help rapid decomposition and fermentation of fecal waste.

Organic Fertilizer Production Process

First, stack organic waste such as livestock manure in an ideal location. The materials are continuously turned and mixed through composting equipment such as crawler turners, trough turners, and wheel turners. Let it fully contact the air and evaporate excess moisture. Control the temperature of the material pile to effectively carry out aerobic fermentation.

Advantages of Composting Equipment

Compared with traditional fermentation methods, composters can convert large amounts of biological waste into organic fertilizer more quickly, and the organic fertilizer produced is of higher quality. Equipped with an automated control system to conduct real-time detection of the fermentation process. The production efficiency is higher, the energy consumption is low, and the utilization of resources is maximized. Provide reliable support for processing organic waste into organic fertilizer.


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