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Advantages of organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Author: gufeng Time: 2019-11-18 16:34:54
Advantages of using organic fertilizer fermentation tank:
   1. Small floor area: an annual output of 10000 tons requires an area of 30-50 square meters. A kind of
  2. Fast fermentation speed: every 8-10 hours of fermentation can be completely decomposed to achieve the purpose of maturity of organic fertilizer.
  3.   simple operation: high degree of automation, IP of the whole fermentation process
Control, aeration, mixing, temperature control, deodorization, discharge in one breath 1-2 people can operate. 
  4.   good production environment: the whole production process is closed without dust and noise, and the exhaust gas emission meets the national standard. 
  5.   wide range of application: no matter in North and south, high and cold areas, it can be fermented normally all year round.
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