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Livestock and poultry manure manufacturing technology of biological organic fertilizer

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-23 18:44:32
Animal manure fertilizer equipment manufacturing technology of biological organic fertilizer
Livestock and poultry dung contains rich crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, minerals and nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, is the main raw material of producing cheap high quality organic fertilizer.One thousand farmers to adopt all kinds of methods of traditional processed into organic fertilizer.But traditional OuFen exists low fertilizer effect, kill harmful microbes phenomenon such as incomplete.And use it to the production of organic fertilizer is the use of modern microorganism technology to give priority to with livestock and poultry dung, bran, peanut shell powder, crop straw as the supplementary material as the carrier, the access which has the function of a variety of high organic matter decomposition, compounded by a variety of beneficial microbial strains of fermentation bacteria, use the method of mixing the strains of animal manure and stir fully, make the microbial strains of poultry and animal feces, access to the rapid increase in temperature after, fermentation, rotten, deodorant and a series of disposal, made of biological organic fertilizer.
Today, we're in chicken manure, for example, to introduce you to the production of organic manure, organic fertilizer equipment.
Special effects of biological organic fertilizerBiological organic fertilizer with the traditional pile of retting of animal manure and organic fertilizer is different, it has the following unique functions:
(1) weight gain resistance.The biological fertilizer contains a lot of azotobacter, releasing from bacteria, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, yeast and actinomyces functional bacteria, nitrogen fixation, releasing, phosphate-solubilizing, can decompose protein, etc., they are when they reproduce rapidly, inhibits the harmful organisms survive and reproduce, reducing the occurrence of soil borne disease, stimulate the crop growth, increase crop resistance performance.
(2) soil fertility.The biological organic fertilizer contains a lot of beneficial microbes can loose soil, increase soil permeability, improve soil aggregate structure, improve the retention of fat performance, improving soil fertility.
(3) improving the quality of agricultural products.Biological organic fertilizer nutrients complete and with a variety of biological activity, fertilizer can obviously improve the quality of agricultural products, used in the production of organic food, organic agricultural products, to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in the market.