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Applying fertilizer equipment production of BB fertilizer what are the benefits

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-28 18:06:21

Applying fertilizer equipment production of BB fertilizer what are the benefits

BB fertilizer and applied more widely in recent years, the application of BB fertilizer what are the benefits?

1. K nutrient ratio flexible configuration.We on the basis of determination of soil nutrient content, according to different demands of nutrients on early and late rice, made from higher phosphorus content of early rice and late rice k content higher (BB) on early and late rice, obvious effects were obtained after application of drip, truly implement the balanced fertilization technology;

2. Fertilizer decrease, utilization rate of increase.Because of the nitrogen in the fertilizer granules outsourcing sustained-release film with a layer of longer than generally not coated fertilizer effect of 20 ~ 30 days, leaching volatilization loss, compared to the conventional fertilizer fertilizer could reduce 10% ~ 20%;

3. The use of convenient, save work safety.The fertilizer nutrient content high active ingredients (above 40%), granular fertilizer is convenient.And can make basal one-time application of organic fertilizer, fertilizer labor reduce 1/3.And the use of safe, never happened fertilizer damage phenomenon;

4. Reduce cost increase production.Because of using fertilizer consumption and labor reduce, general can save costs 30 yuan per mu.According to six village many repetitions and regional comparison experiments: the fertilizer fertilizer applied performance stability, not to take off late, disease resistance, resistance generally increase rate of between 2.6% ~ 2.6%, average 4.5%, about 20 kg to increase production.Due to the reduce cost increase, average net income of 50 yuan.