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How To Choose The Best Fertilizer Granulation Machine Or Equipment?

Author: yisainuo Time: 2017-05-31 09:07:08

In fertilizer industry, granulation machine/equipment can be divided into two parts: organic granulation equipment and inorganic or compound granulation machine. According to the process whether to add water into materials during granulation, granulation machine can be divided into dry granulation and wet granulation. Because of the property of raw materials, at present, most is wet granulation machine, like drum granulation machine, disk granulation, new rotating ball granulation equipment. Dry granulation equipment like double roller press or extrude granulation machine, flat die or ring die pellet mill and the briquette equipment. There are detail difference between granulation machine, Here our technician team suggest the following steps to choose the best suitable and economic granulation machine or equipment for your information:

1. Property of your raw materials

You must know the moisture or water contents ratio, powder or or block cake or particles or liquid, the temperature for the storage, what is more, the nitrogen, the phosphors, the potassium, the PH, the trace elements, if your engineer can report it, it is good.

2. Output requirement

Simple speaking, it is productivity you want to begin or require.

3. Final granules or pellet requirement

There are different size and shape of final granules.

It is important to know the demand in your market. If you market prefer the round type, diameter 2.5mm, while your final product is cylindrical type, it will be a lose.