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Cow dung fertilizer granulator deceleration machine maintenance

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-20 15:43:16

Cow dung fertilizer granulator deceleration machine maintenance

Reducer is a kind of used for low speed high torque transmission equipment, using the gear speed converter, the motor (motor) on the number of rotary rotary deceleration to want, and get a larger torque.Its main role is to slow down at the same time improve the output torque, torque output ratio according to the motor output by reduction ratio, but not beyond reducer rated torque.In addition, still should pay attention to the speed reducer of the daily operation, maintenance, maintenance, etc.

1, the reducer of inspection: (1) the reliability of each fastener tighten.(2) whether the oil level of lubricating oil in conformity with the requirements;(3) for the oil pump of the wiring is correct;(4) coupling shield, ground wire, and other protective devices are installed.

2, reducer test run: (1) should be according to the working speed reducer after the installation to the no-load test run, time 2 hours;(2) running 2 hours later, the load of 25%, 50%, 75% of the load test, step by step to run at full capacity.(3) the load operation after a period of time, should check whether a tooth contact and fasteners loose, and so on and so forth.

3, the speed reducer lubrication: (1) reducer uniform load industrial gear oil in use, change new oil must be used and the original product brand is the same, should not take without brand and different types of mixed oil;(2) the initial run speed reducer should replace lubricating oil, up to 400 hours after the oil change period of about 4000 hours.(3) case shall keep enough amount of lubricating oil, the oil level height should be 1/2 in oil mark place, and check regularly.4, matters that should pay attention to use the deceleration machine: (1) please don't slow down while installing machine output parts, pressure on the casing, please meet when you join the mechanical alignment with reducer and verticality of the corresponding requirements;(2) all of the reducer are strictly forbidden to load startup, after the replacement part must be after running-in and load test can be used normally;(3) speed reducer in use process, should pay close attention to the transmission part of the rotational flexibility, the use of found abnormal sound and in the process of high temperature phenomenon should promptly notify the maintenance personnel;(4) to run the inspection every hour of the gearbox, observe oil pump for oil (vertical cycloid speed reducer).The speed reducer of excessively high oil temperature tubing fracture should be focused on patrol;(5) to make the reducer is easy to heat dissipation, should keep the surface clean, timely removal of dust, dirt to facilitate heat dissipation;6. Problems found during the operation of reducer should be detailed, serious record.For more product details: Organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer granulator