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Dry Mortar Formula Production

Author: yisainuo Time: 2017-05-31 09:08:05

Dry mortar is seen everywhere in the construction field, it is used to bind, fill and seal the gap, as an adhesive, it is become more and more advanced and applicable. Here we talk its formula simply, it is not from the professionals, just my opinion to share with you:

Raw materials to produce the dry mortar

1.1 Cement: general silicon cement(label 32.5), aluminate cement(label 42.5), sulphoaluminate cement(label 52.5)

1.2 Sand: washed sand, quartz sand, broken sand, tailings and so on

1.3 Packing/filler: TSP, fly ash, slag, silica fume and so on

1.4 Cellulose ethers: Varieties (MC, HPMC, HEMC), Viscosity

1.5 Rubber powder: ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), acrylic acid, butylbenzene, tertiary carbonated-ethylene-vinyl acetate terpolymer, film forming temperature, glass transition temperature

1.6 Other: water-reducing agent, early strength agent, antifreeze, defoamer, thixotropic agent, air-entraining agent, fiber, lignin, etc.

 Only you know the property of raw materials to product dry mortar, then you will have innovation to compose the new formula. Each materials you use in test or production, it has its strength and shortness.