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Farms pollution emission reduction technology, manure, organic fertilizer production line

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-19 17:29:21

Farms pollution emission reduction technology, manure, organic fertilizer production line

For farms, with the expansion of the scale, the traditional production process requires a lot of cage-free and indoor cultivation, makes the feces pollution cleanup and overwhelmed.With the application of organic fertilizer equipment of continuous treatment, can avoid multifarious work site, and achieved remarkable energy saving effect and economic benefits.

Contains large amounts of organic matter of animal manure and rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are valuable resources for the sustainable development of agriculture, so for aerobic composting of excrement and urine is currently widely used approach.According to the characteristics of waste raw materials and auxiliary materials, according to the request of compost of carbon and nitrogen ratio and water content, the feces and auxiliary materials mixed in certain proportion, and the oxygen and temperature of the pile body are appropriate control, fast fermentation production of organic waste.The advantages of this method to deal with waste is the end product less odor, and relatively dry, easy packing, the application, can be used as soil amendments or organic fertilizer applied in agricultural production.

In poultry and animal feces manure and organic raw materials, heap retting fertilizer, green manure, hoi fat class, cake fertilizer, peat, and we three wastes, microorganisms, such as urban living garbage fermentation organic fertilizer granulation of specificity, particle as chondrules.The machine qualified granulating rate is as high as 80 - more than 90%, to adapt to a variety of different formula, organic fertilizer of compressive strength higher than that of the disc and drum, ball rate below 15%, particle size uniformity can according to user requirements by the native stepless speed adjustment function.This machine is most suitable for organic fertilizer granulation directly after fermentation, save drying process, reduce the manufacturing cost.Now the new organic fertilizer wet granulating machine, is loved by the masses of users wet in my company Organic fertilizer granulator In short supply, the birth of new products, new production technology, energy conservation and environmental protection is trustworthy!