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Fertilizer Equipment Processing Organic Fertilizer Technology

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-26 18:29:59

Fertilizer Equipment Processing Organic Fertilizer Technology

1, livestock and poultry dung contains a large amount of organic matter and rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are valuable resources for the sustainable development of agriculture, so for aerobic composting of excrement and urine is currently widely used approach.According to the characteristics of waste raw materials and auxiliary materials, according to the request of compost of carbon and nitrogen ratio and water content, the feces and auxiliary materials mixed in certain proportion, and the oxygen and temperature of the pile body are appropriate control, fast fermentation production of organic waste.The advantages of this method to deal with waste is the end product less odor, and relatively dry, easy packing, the application, can be used as soil amendments or organic fertilizer applied in agricultural production.

2, in this chapter we focus on biological organic fertilizer for everybody to introduce production technology and process:

3, biological organic fertilizer production equipment, before the introduction of biological organic fertilizer equipment, first talk about the characteristics of biological organic fertilizer and production methods.So-called biological organic fertilizer is the national standard per gram 020 million beneficial microbial fertilizer must achieve, this gives producers to come up with a problem, just can't heat production, or it will kill beneficial microbial products not up to standard.Want to product standards, and drying time reaches a certain temperature on the production, the traditional solution is biological organic fertilizer production line drying equipment lengthen, using large volume production at low temperature, such not only increase the cost of the equipment, production workshop have to increase, adding a lot of investment, and it's difficult to production.In order to solve the problem of the company's engineers cooperate with heavier customer analysis, the engineers on the basis of many years of practical experience through the bold exploration, innovation, and finally developed a multi-functional granulation process simple and easy to operate, because of its fast granulation, into a ball rate and high yield.

4 with right amount of animal manure, straw powder, ginseng, mixed with much depending on the cow dung water content, general fermentation requires 45% of water content, namely hand knead dough, fingers see water, but no drop of water, let go a away.Then add corn flour or strains of rice bran and corn is to increase the effect of sugar, for bacterial fermentation, the dominant multidimensional composite enzyme bacteria quickly.Will join mixer for mixing, with good mixture stirring must divide evenly, thoroughly, not born.Stir ingredients into 1.5 meters to 2 meters wide, 0.8 meters high - not less than three meters long, 1.2 meters length fermentation process appropriate oxygen and turns heaps (temperature to 75 ℃ or above should be turned over several times when), at about 65 ℃ temperature control, temperature is too high for nutrients.Fermentation material moisture should be controlled in 60 ~ 65%.Too high too low for fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation;Too much water can cause poor ventilation, heating up slowly, and smell.Composting up two days, three days odourless, loose 7 days, 9 days become sweet, 10 tiancheng fertilizer.Composting second day temperature of 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, killing escherichia coli, eggs and other plant diseases and insect pests;4 days to eliminate the smell of cow dung;7 days loose dry composting, covered with white mycelium;Send a 9 day could smell;Day 10 bacterial manure fermentation mature.After 

5, secondary itch anaerobic fermentation is known as aging stage, also known as secondary fermentation.After 7 days after the material can be rotten, into aging stage.After entering aging stage, when the material moisture content down to 30%, can be raw material pretreatment before granulation workshop for granulation.