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Promotion in September

Author: gufeng Time: 2021-08-30 15:32:15

September is coming, and the New Year is soon in next three months. 

Zhengzhou Gofine Machine Equipment CO., LTD will bring you the following promotions for your information:

1. Target: let you choose the right granules fertilizer making machine include the double roller granulator, disk granlator, new pin granulator, disk granulator, drum granulator, etc. and let the fertilizer production be modern and advanced.

2. Theme: Hot Promotion on Granules Fertilizer Making Machine

3. Time: 1st, Sep. 2021---30th, Sep. 2021

4. Schedule: 

4.1 free installation tools for your side

4.2 free spare parts for extra 3 months

4.3 lowest ocean freight and free insurance

4.4 more discount if you order on September

Besides the granules fertilizer machine, other fertilizer machine and machine shown in our web has different promotions online. 

Welcome you to know us more!

Zhengzhou Gofine Machine Equipment CO., LTD