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Fertilizer equipment can be used for roll extrusion granulator granulation

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-27 19:01:48

Fertilizer equipment can be used for roll extrusion granulator granulation

The series of roller granulating extrusion slip model, its working principle is made from motor drive belt and pulley, passed through the reducer drive shaft, and through the open gear and the driven shaft synchronous, relative to one another.Material from the hopper to join, after roll extrusion, demoulding pelletizing, and through a chain, transferred to the broken screen studio, sieve grain and separation of finished products (the ball), and then return material mixed with new material, and then to granulation.As the motor turns continuously, material into the ceaselessly, can realize batch production.

I company for fertilizer and ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, raw materials such as potash and design a new type granulator.Squeezing granulator has to roll extrusion wheel and grinding extrusion in two forms:

Is usually used for roll extrusion, is composed of a feeding device, the operation of two parallel coordinate, relative of roller.A press roll axis is fixed, another roll axis is parallel to the mobile, are small clearance between two rollers have accurate.Usually, feeding device over the tied for roll, rely on the feed system running friction between the material and the roll will be forced to join the gap between the two roll material.In bringing materials to roll the rotation, squeezed into wafers (piece).Rupture after crushing plant after falling into small particles, then through screening get qualified graded granules.

The whole machine is divided into four most:

1, the frame parts: machine body all installed on the rack with all the work.The machine frame adopts medium carbon steel plate, channel steel welded together, and through strict quality control and specific technical requirements, achieve the purpose of this machine is used, in the frame of four central has a hole for hoist, to use in the transport of loading and unloading.

2, transmission connection parts: motor drive belt pulley, triangle, speed reducer drive, make the nose job.Otherwise sprocket, chain of transmission chain is passed to the broken part separation work.Which drive reducer and the working parts of the nose, with nylon column pin coupling mesh passing drivers.

3, the nose part work: by the driving wheel through column pin coupling to drive the roller, the roller synchronous operation by a pair of open round guarantee, both sides of the main driven shaft bearing, in a certain bearing frame, installed on the frame.Part

4, broken separation work: the material after roll extrusion flow to the underside of the broken indoor, the biaxial mace rotation, can isolate the ball with the return material.

This series granulator, roll the skin of the shape and size of the ball socket visual user need, have a wide range of choices, a ball shape of pillow, semicircle grain shape, shape of bar, pills, pills, walnut, flat spherical and square shapes.At present all use flat ball shape,