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Fertilizer equipment production of organic fertilizer application methods

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-28 18:24:21

Fertilizer equipment production of organic fertilizer application methods

1, fully rotten fermentation before applying.Livestock bar in nature, human and animal manure, organic fertilizer, such as and cake fermentation must be fully finished before applying.After fermentation, it is the balance of the acidic organic fertilizer, to reduce the nitrate content, supplement the moisture, and the combination of the nature in the soil microbial applications;Second, after fermentation can kill the original manure parasitic ovum, harmful biological pathogens directly bring the germs, and harm of crop and soil.Use gymboree type starter fertilizer (for details, please click) fermentation rotten people waste storage, can be fully decomposed completely, in a short time of rotten organic nutrient conversion rate is high, the rotten thoroughly, burn it won't cause secondary rotten root seedlings.To gymboree starter fertilizer diluted directly to do with organic material heap fermentation, generally after 7 to 10 days completed three basic rotten overturned.

2, according to the land soil conditions, suitable amount of fertilizer and cooperate with other fertilizers.Organic manure, chemical fertilizer application owing to the different crops to master good fertilizer, organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizer strengths and shortcomings both to match the application.Considering the rationality and possibility, fertilizer in crops.Advocate for field crops, organic fertilizer, general mu organic fertilizer 1000 ~ 3000 kg;Must be organic for fruit trees and vegetables, with fruit trees and outdoor vegetable usually is 3000 ~ 3000 kilograms, vegetable greenhouses and other protected area generally is 4000 ~ 4000 kg.And comply with mineral fertilizer, fertilizer balanced fertilization technology, according to the crop growing period nutritional requirements guiding fertilization, general with 1-2% bio-bacterial manure, organic fertilizer of trace element in the 50-60%, 10-20%, a large number of elements fertilizer NPK fertilizer 30-40% of the proportion of the best.

3, try to make fertilizers applied after subsoiling.Improve fertilization methods, one is as far as possible will organic fertilizer deep or cover in the grave, and avoid surfacePhenomenon of applying fertilizer, and reduce the loss of fertilizer waste and environmental pollution;Second, crop seedling basal to deep or early, especially applying to strictly control the crop seedling nitrogen content;Three is to nutritional requirements according to the crop growth rule to fertilization, generally short growing crops for fertilizers one-time into, you take long cotton cultivation fertilization for a long time, should be to late points before fertilization, namely "the first light, after the heavy" to reasonable into, to achieve the desired target output effect

.4, cooperate with microbial bacterial manure application.In the real production, the soil organic matter is easy to make poverty bacteria pollution, yield is low.More organic fertilizer, not only can increase crop yield and quality, but also can make the crop drought resistance, resistance to premature aging and disease-resistant ability.Good fermentation organic fertilizer is used together with gymboree researches, can make the soil has better function of nitrogen fixation, phosphate-solubilizing, releasing, soil improvement, improve the effect of the fertilizer use efficiency and reduce cost, increase production and incomes.