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Fertilizer equipment to tell you the use of organic fertilizer effect is not good reasons

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-24 16:51:54

Fertilizer equipment to tell you the use of organic fertilizer effect is not good reasons

Organic fertilizer use, associated with the promotion of misleading of fertilizer salesman, are also associated with the user's knowledge and use.

high quality soil to provide stability for plant growth, coordination of water, fertilizer, gas, heat rhizosphere environment conditions, such as supporting anchor plants, maintenance of moisture and air permeability, also have cushion, keep the rhizosphere environment is relatively stable.

excellent soil on the physical properties, solid, liquid, gas phase ratio appropriate, bulk density, total porosity, pore size than are relatively appropriate.

on the chemical properties, cation exchange capacity is big, good matrix confirmed water-stable aggregate, pH value is close to neutral, and has a certain buffering capacity, with a certain cultivation in the process of C/N ratio in order to maintain the biological stability of the matrix.What we produce organic fertilizer is toward the goal to improve soil.

the second reason can be as simple as

1: use the right way.Here are a few simple introduction wrong method of use.1. According to

users to fertilizer, organic manure as fertilizer failed to cover soil and fertilizer in the soil surface only, can't fully engage with soil, cannot have the effect of soil improvement.

plus weathered, beneficial microbes can't work, nutrient can also with water erosion, organic greens of buffering capacity, loose soil, moisture permeability, heat preservation function of protecting fertilizer and so on are also reflect not to come out.

shall cooperate with inorganic fertilizer as basal manure best way to use the best mixed with soil, but at least (organic) also to do not bare on the soil surface, such as ditch applied to hole, etc.

2. Organic fertilizer and crop direct contact

applied some users to worry about is not enough, or want to work as soon as possible, when use the organic fertilizer, direct contact with plants that can lead to serious burn seedlings is the consequence that will die!

3. Directly using fresh dejection

applying fresh dejection like organic fertilizer manufacturers sell users are not finished, but the questions will be much more serious.

organic fertilizer application and matters needing attention

one, with sufficient moisture and applying appropriate temperatures.In any soil fertilization, want to have enough moisture to promote its rapid decomposition conversion.

in order to make the fertilizer long-term sustained effect in available, all organic field, the quantity of per mu organic want foot, but unfavorable and overmuch, lest burn seedlings;The specific amount according to the content of products and crop fertilizer period characteristics.

three basal dosage when using, do also cannot too much, especially more cannot excessive application of vegetable greenhouses;Note vegetable greenhouses with organic fertilizer must pay attention to the nitrogen content, the current market general organic total nutrient has 5 - organic matter 45, 10 -, 12-45, 45 vegetable greenhouses teaching suitable for 5 to 45 of the organic content.

four, insufficient soil moisture, fertilizer to drought resistance adjustable quantity in time

note: according to the soil and the local climate and habits are different, different fertilizer rate, shall be determined according to the actual circumstance of local soil fertilization amount.

other dealers don't blindly pursue high profits when the choose and buy the products!At present due to the effect of organic fertilizer is slow, some dealers knowing that individual products aren't readily but still choose business

cause analysis, there are two points: one is because of high profits.Because organic fertilizer effect mainly improve soil problems, now generally with inorganic fertilizer application, good or bad product in the short term and don't see obvious contrast.This leads to some formal big manufacturer product is difficult to be geared to the needs of users.Conclusion:

to organic fertilizer industry healthy development, make the best products with the fastest speed to the user's hand.

benefit farmers friends really: we call for organic fertilizer production units should strengthen their own quality and technology to make better than the national standard of fertilizer, real good for crops and soil organic fertilizer, to take the initiative to improve all aspects in fact, not for interests regardless of the user's experience.