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Fertilizer equipment which can deal with organic fertilizer raw materials

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-25 18:01:23

Fertilizer equipment which can deal with organic fertilizer raw materials

1, wheat straw,

2, common plant-derived organic fertilizer raw materials

3, straw class: the original corn stover, wheat straw, common bean straw, rice straw.High of macromolecular materials such as cellulose and lignin, NPK nutrient content such as the low (with the exception of leguminosae class), the use of such materials in organic fertilizer alone is rare, are commonly used to increase the organic matter fermentation materials, adjusting the carbon and nitrogen ratio.This kind of material is rich, the price is low, but because of these materials in agriculture is engaged in the retail, large acquisition is difficult, and strong seasonal, annual production have to be ready in advance.

4, meal, soybean meal, cotton pulp, castor meal, Chinese prickly ash meal, peanut meal, etc for the scraps of the agricultural products processing industry, much as auxiliary materials.Meal such as the raw material of organic fertilizer can be called as a high-end organic fertilizer, because of its many for feed grade, raw material cost is higher, should not be rotten fermentation control.

5, bacterial chaff: commonly known as the mushroom residue, bacteria, needle mushroom residue and mushroom residue, apricot bao mushroom residue and so on, more raw material for vinasse, corn cobs, rice husk powder, wheat bran, soybean meal, and with some nutrient elements, bacteria and fungus chaff organic matter is high protein, vitamins, trace elements and auxin, do organic fertilizer has good effect on fertility.

6, sheep dung

7, common organic raw materials of animal origin

8, animal dung, sheep dung, pig, cow dung and so on are the raw materials of good organic fertilizer.High organic matter content, but with less fiber content is not easy to decompose.When used to thoroughly rotten fermentation, the high temperature to kill disease eggs, bacteria, and weed seeds.

9, animal waste processing: processing waste, and even aquaculture wastes can be organic fertilizer raw materials.Usually USES is pollution-free biological degradation.

10 and grains

11, industrial waste

12, industrial residue: vinasse, vinegar bad, cassava dregs, slag sugar, such as furfural slag slag, lignin, ethanol slag raw material market scale is larger, regional strong, low price, high organic matter content, water content in more than 60% generally.Pay attention to when using harmonic pH, heavy metal.

13, the tobacco peduncle: this kind of material is higher, organic matter, nutrients, sugar in as the main raw material of organic fertilizer product fertility effect is good, and inhibition of bacterial resistance to the effect of soil pests, and cheaper prices.

14, medical: liquid to abamectin slag, slag, slag wessing, penicillium cephalosporin slag, liquid whole protein and other nutrient content is higher, belong to the lowest price, after using fertility effect is better, to be able to resist other harmful bacteria, but the raw material liquidity is bigger, less stable supply of goods.More than

15, amino acid residue, high protein content, in more than 40%, most interesting also for the wet material, lowest price, drying and drying, make organic fertilizer taste heavier, fertility effect is good.