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Had no effect using organic fertilizer fertilizer equipment tell you!What reason be?

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-24 16:50:33

Had no effect using organic fertilizer fertilizer equipment tell you!What reason be?

Organic fertilizer use effect is good, in addition to its production enterprise product itself to meet the national standards, also involves dealers and manufacturers to users using method of correct propaganda and guidance.

Today we mainly from the nutrients, pH, chlorine ion content, small molecules, cation exchange capacity, humic acid, fatty acid salt content, factors such as heavy metals, harmful microorganisms and users use to explain why organic fertilizer effect of the cause of the poor.

Organic raw materials mainly divided into the categories:Feces, animal and plant residues (including weathering coal), sludge, household waste, in general, making the sludge and waste fertilizer market price is the lowest.

At present the country is to restrict the use of these two kinds of raw materials, and review, when the bid to host the fertilizer registration certificate and banned sludge fertilizer, and manure fertilizer and fertilizer plant residue system is popular with investors.

Small, half is filling in the form of production no raw material of organic fertilizer production enterprises accounted for more than half the system organic fertilizer production enterprises, are generally small.

One is their organic manure fermentation and deodorization process insufficient sound technical support, they equate production commodity organic fertilizer with farmer homemade farmyard manure (technical indicators often can not meet the industry standards), only a simple pile of retting.

Some will even several simple mixed raw material, it sold not rotten or not completely rotten organic fertilizer to farmers, without the necessary production equipment, also have no detection, production technology is extremely low.

The most important thing is rotten organic fertilizer production, this involves a series of production processes and fermentation strains.

The use of some organic fertilizer effect is really good, and some organic misleading because itself quality closes nevertheless, and propaganda, lead to fail to reflect the effect in the process of planting.

There will be individual production problem such as burn seedlings, whether it is worthwhile to the farmers to continue to use organic fertilizer with a big question mark.

There are many marked organic fertilizer enterprises can asperse top application, but no covering, fertilizer play no fertilizer proper role.

Some organic fertilizer used in the field, but also fever stunk, even some to various harmful organisms, some directly led to the deaths of crop wilting, lead to leaf etiolation, just open it fertilizer bags can even smell the stench is not open bags can smell the stench in agricultural materials store...

These problems, as a direct result of farmers chilling.Organic fertilizer for less usage, quality is uneven, most difficult to play its role.