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How the bearing maintenance fertilizer equipment use

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-26 18:21:11

How the bearing maintenance fertilizer equipment use

Bearing maintenance and maintenance is very important, it is related to its service life, the work efficiency, the bearing, know how to maintain their use benefit a lot, from the aspects of work said it bring you a high production efficiency, manufacture precision of products quality, and from the aspects of economy, the maintenance of a few times can prolong life save you time to purchasing cost.Steps/methods

1Use dry cloth after cleaning the bearing wiped dry, soaked in the anti-rust oil again.In this process, will fully contact with the anti-rust oil bearing, don't stop rotating bearing, so that the rust-proof oil forming oil film covering on the surface of bearing, achieve the goal of rust.How doth the bearing?

2Then use lithium base grease, butter, need to evenly coated on the surface of bearing, including inside and outside the circle, wheels, cage.And wipe while rotating bearing, makes the butter into the real bearing internal, sufficient lubrication effect.How doth the bearing?

3First put bearing in gasoline cleaning, wipe residues of sludge and dust on the bearing, bearing all rusty wipe gently with the metallographic sandpaper polished, until no fingered rough feel.How doth the bearing?

4Is a process with the final packaging.In order to save costs, we "waste", scrapping of cement bags in the warehouse, the packing bag of cut into appropriate size, bearing a good tight, package, label after good bearing specifications back on the store shelves.