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How to choose a suitable agricultural feed machinery

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-19 16:01:11

How to choose a suitable agricultural feed machinery

With grain and other raw material prices are rising, the finished product prices also rose, feed and feed production and profit of distribution points, use the finished feed breeding has no profit to speak of, so to buy pellet feed machine The mixed feed, reduce the production cost has become the trend of The Times.Good feed formulation and professional feed processing machinery is the development of animal husbandry and aquaculture, improve the production efficiency of important decision factors.How to select the appropriate pellet feed machine?

So how to choose the right pellet feed machine?1. Choose the pellet feed machine, see what processing raw material, if it is a processing and concentrate, flat/ring die pellet feed machine can be used, but if it is a processing or grass grass meal feed grain feed, it is best to choose the flat die pellet feed machine, because the flat die pellet feed machine is connecting rod shaft gear box, resistance to overload ability is strong, and the key components of the flat die pellet feed machine roller, templates, adopt high quality alloy steel with high frequency quenching process, good abrasion resistance, longer service life than ordinary materials of 5 to 7 times.2. According to the different feed formula of different breeding objects to select, such as pigs, fish, chicken with granular material, concentrate more, can choose the flat/ring die pellet feed machine, this is because the concentrate is large, suppress resistance is small, less power consumption.Processing rabbit feed cattle and sheep, try choosing flat die pellet feed machine.Because processing of rabbit, cattle and sheep feed toppings proportion accounted for more than 50% of the total feed or all the toppings, processing when the resistance is larger, the load is large, with connecting rod shaft gear box flat die pellet feed machine can solve the problem of large load, avoids the suppress machine, lag.3. Good pellet feed mechanism of grain appearance should be smooth, moderate hardness, broken rate should be lower than 4%, feed moisture content should be lower than 10%.4. The pellets in the pressing process, the temperature of the particles out of the machine should be 60-80 ℃ or so, had better not exceed 80 ℃, otherwise in the granulating process by adding a variety of trace elements will suffer losses, there is no guarantee that the needs of livestock and poultry feeding.