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How to maintain the motor used in the fertilizer equipment

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-26 18:11:58

How to maintain the motor used in the fertilizer equipment

1, in order to guarantee the normal work of the motor, in addition to according to the procedures in the process of normal use, operation attention to monitor and maintain normal, also should be checked regularly, to do a good job of motor maintenance.So that we can promptly eliminate, prevent failure, guarantee the machine running safely and reliably.Regular maintenance intervals according to the form of motor considering using the environment decision.

2, motor start-up equipment, also want to clear brush dust outside, you have enough in time, wipe the contactor, check the connection parts for burns, ground wire are in good condition.3, check and clean motor terminal.Check the terminal block wiring screws are loose, burns.

4, check the screw fixed parts, including bolts, screws, bearing cap screws, etc.Tighten the loose nut.

5, check insulation.Insulation insulation ability in different degree of dry varies, so check the motor winding drying is very important.Motor damp working environment, workshop have corrosive gas and other factors, can destroy electric insulation.Is one of the most common winding earth fault, the insulation is damaged, the live part and should not be charged metal parts such as chassis touching one another, this kind of failure occurs, not only affect the motor to work properly, will endanger personal safety.So, motor in use, often should check the insulation resistance, also note to check the motor chassis grounding is reliable.

6, qing brush motor.Keep clear of the motor base outside of the dust and sludge.If use environmental dust is more, the best cleaning once a day.

7, check the transmission device, check the pulley or coupling drive, damage, installation is strong;Belt and its connecting buckles are in good condition.

8, professional is the carbon brush of motor maintenance, in the process of operation of the machine, the wear of carbon brush is a a very important factor which causes the motor scrap, so in the use of time to pay attention to the maintenance of motor carbon brush motor, that is to say, in the process of using regularly replace carbon brush, so in the process of use can be more smooth.

9, bearing inspection and maintenance.Bearing in use after period of time should be cleaned, replace the grease or oil.Cleaning and oil changes, should work with the motor, the working environment, clean degree, type of lubricant, half work every 3-6 months, should be clean, to change the grease.The oil temperature is high, or poor environmental conditions, dust more motor to wash, oil change often.

1, 1, in addition to the regular maintenance of motor according to the above a few content of outside, to overhaul a after a year of operation.Overhaul is that the purpose of the motor for a thorough and comprehensive inspection, maintenance, supplementary motor lack, wear and tear of components, eliminate motor inside and outside the dust and dirt, check the insulation condition, clean the bearing and check its abrasion.Found the problem, handle in time.

1, 2, professional maintenance and maintenance of the other point is that a cooling fan, in the process of the motor is running, often there will be a problem is the electricity to happen out of the strange voice, mainly is the cooling fan, in the process of use due to not timely cleaning dust above the cooling fan, lead to appear in the process of the motor on the abnormal functioning of phenomenon, therefore in the process of using the motor to ensure clean motor cooling fan.

1, 3, to avoid explosion-proof familiar rust, should apply the oil on the surface of the explosion-proof or replacement type rust-proof oil 204-1.

1, 4, assembly machine, should first take the upper hand cover, fan, reoccupy sleeve wrench assembly end cover and the bearing cap bolts, and then, the axial impact or copper bar with log shaft extension, make the end cover and stand out, finally remove the rotor.Removal of parts, explosion-proof surface should be placed, and rubber pad or cloth cover, tighten bolts, trampoline, careful not to damage, etc

1, 5, explosion-proof motor shall not be casually assembly;Assembly test, cannot use parts of the explosion-proof surface as a lever fulcrum, more do not allow the knock or hit the explosion-proof surface.

1, 6, dip coating and assembly, explosion-proof surface adhesion of insulation varnish or dirt should be cleaned, may not be scratching with iron and other hard objects, but can use oilstone grinding uneven places.