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How to make use of organic manure dung fertilizer equipment production

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-26 17:56:05

How to make use of organic manure dung fertilizer equipment production

1, officials say the use of biological fermentation technology for animal manure, crop stalks for rapid fermentation, reach the effect to heat up, deodorant, harmless, and made into organic fertilizer, both reached the waste recycle, and reduce the production cost of investment of the farmer.

2, the use of biological compound inoculants fermentation to produce organic fertilizer has the following characteristics, high degree of innocuity, soil improvement, absorbing, slow efficiency, increase production, enriching the soil fertility, balanced nutrition, improving the quality of agricultural products, increase crop yield, to promote the development of characteristic agriculture in our country play a role in promoting.

A, raw material analysis:

Sheep are ruminants, but seldom drink, so manure dry, thin, defecation quantity is very few, dung and urine is between horse manure and cow urine a hot fertilizer.Dung and urine contains rich nutrient, both easy decomposition can be absorbed by crops using the available nutrients, and not easy to decompose delayed nutrient, is the combination of how fertilizer effect good fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soil fertilization.Dung through biological fertilizer strains fermentation composting fermentation, and through crushing straw, biological compound bacterium stir well, then through aerobic, anaerobic fermentation become efficient organic fertilizer.

Dung was 24% ~ 27%, the content of organic matter in the nitrogen content is 0.7% ~ 0.7%, p content is 0.45% ~ 0.45%, potassium content is 0.3% ~ 0.3%, sheep urine was 5%, the content of organic matter in the nitrogen content is 1.3% ~ 1.4%, p content is very few, potassium is very rich, as high as 2.1% ~ 2.3%.

Second, the fermentation process

(1) and sheep dung and a moderate amount of straw powder, ginseng, much as the sheep dung water content may be added, and generally fermentation requires 45% of water content, namely hand knead dough, fingers see water, but no drop of water, let go a away.

(2), then biological compound bacterium, press 1 ton material (about 1.5 tons of fresh material) with 3 kg of biological compound bacterium concentrate proportion, the bacteria liquid and water diluted by 1:30 0 proportion evenly sprayed into the material stack and mixed fermentation.Add a moderate amount of corn flour, provide strains fermentation with sugar, make multidimensional compound enzymes dominant soon.

(3), mix with good material to join mixer for mixing and stirring must divide evenly, thoroughly, leaving no block.

(4), mixing ingredients into between 2.0 meters to 3.0 meters wide, 1.5 meters high, 2.0 meters long, (length in the heap fermentation effect is better than 3 meters) every 3 days use turn left turn left again.

(5), composting for three days, five days of temperature odourless, 9 days loose, 12 days to change sweet, 15 tiancheng fertilizer.

1, composting, third day temperature of 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, killing escherichia coli, eggs and other plant diseases and insect pests;

2, 5 days away dung smell;

3, 9 days loose dry composting, covered with white mycelium;

4, 12 days send a could smell;

5, and 15 days bacterial manure fermentation mature.

7 to 15 days to complete the entire fermentation process.Finished product organic fertilizer for the fluffy, dark brown, slightly or earthy wine fragrance, rich nutrition, used for fruits and vegetables, economic crops, nursery stock flowers, nutritional soil values of several times.Three,