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How to solve the problem of high temperature organic fertilizer granulator

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-19 15:52:19

How to solve organic fertilizer granulator in dung organic fertilizer equipment in high temperature problem in the process of granulating?

Normal circumstances, the dung is the organic fertilizer granulator in the organic fertilizer equipment by raising the temperature of heating accounting process, but in the face of special materials, the temperature rise is likely to kill their own with the beneficial bacteria, so it is better to granulating in low temperature environment.How can we help the organic fertilizer granulator dung organic fertilizer equipment complete lower temperature?This are the main types of methods.First, you can try to increase the moisture content of materials to lower the temperature in the granulating, of course, this is the organic fertilizer wet granulating method and dual function of new type fertilizer granulator have no way to change the practice of case.Actually we recommended for use or organic ring die pellet machine reduce the compression ratio of mold, to achieve the goal of forming under the condition of low temperature grain.In addition, the use of the old mold can help realize the goal of this work also have certain effect, because the old mould is bound to have used, so the mould taper aperture, thickness and so on various aspects will be smaller and thinner.In this way, you won't be in use in the need to high temperature.Zhengzhou GoFine machinery co., LTD. Is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of organic fertilizer granulator, there are those who need to contact our factory