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How to choose organic fertilizer granulator?

Author: gufeng Time: 2019-11-22 16:34:52
Many friends in the selection of granulator process will be very confused, facing to the terminal sales market companies do not know which one to choose. Because there are many devices and the data available is too simple for customers to choose, today gofine briefly introduces six simple and easy rules for selecting and purchasing devices.
1. First of all, it depends on whether the production capacity of organic fertilizer pelletizer is consistent with the actual demand of the company. Usually, there is a mark on the equipment label. The standard production capacity should be slightly larger than the actual required production capacity.
2. It can be used in both compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Of course, it has different types according to different materials, but it has a strong general function.
3. Power consumption, the more energy-saving the better, the different material power of the crusher is also different, how to save power for the company to save investment is also an assessment index.
4. What is the dust level of the granulator.
5. Water content of organic fertilizer commodity.
6. The promise degree of the organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer.
7. Inspect the qualification and production capacity of the manufacturer and see the production of the prototype.
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