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Organic fertilizer granulator equipment use agricultural waste organic fertilizer production

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-20 14:25:31

Organic fertilizer granulator equipment use agricultural waste organic fertilizer production

Raw material:(such as cornstalks) using

(1) the crop straw crusher with ensilage machine crushed or cut, the length to 1 ~ 3 centimeters advisable (wheat straw, rice straw, leaves, weeds, peanut seedling, haulm, etc can be directly use fermentation, but after fermentation effect is better).

(2) the crushed or cut off after the straw wet with water, seepage of straw water content in general about 60%.

(3) with 20 kg maize flour (or wheat bran, rice bran) with 400 grams of bacterial species mix, evenly mixed with strains of the maize flour by hand (or wheat bran, rice bran) in the water the surface of the straw.With a spade tools such as fold, again into wide, 2 meters high, 1.5 meters, unlimited length of the strip, cover tightly with plastic sheeting.

Decay process:

(1) temperature stage: from the constant temperature rise to 45 ℃, generally only 1 day, this time can turn a heap.

(2) after every time the heap temperature reaches 60 ℃ above need to heap, 15-20 days to reach the basic state of rotten, fertilizer can be applied directly.

Rotten logo:Straw into brown or dark brown, when wet, soft and elastic in hand, when brittle easily broken.

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