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Tell you fertilizer equipment, using organic fertilizer effect of the cause of the poor

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-24 16:44:01

Tell you fertilizer equipment, using organic fertilizer effect of the cause of the poor

Some of the reasons for the use of organic fertilizer in the effect not beautiful, in the two major categories (not including disease in this category), the first is the cause of the production enterprises, the second is to use the reasons.

The first category: the cause of the production enterprisesEnterprise production control reasons involved in quality control, here focus on nutrients, pH, chlorine ion content, salt content and cation exchange capacity small molecules, humic acid, fatty acid, heavy metals, harmful microbes and other factors.

These contents have a lot of don't appear in organic fertilizer industry standard, but have to pay attention to.

1. The nutrientDue to raw material itself or low fertility fermentation production process, some organic manure fermentation, the nutrient is not qualified, plus some factory doesn't even have laboratories, and so a batch of products to the market.Some companies testing found enough nutrients, but also to add fertilizer supplement, also make the products on the market.Without the registration certificate of fertilizer products produced by enterprises, not to circulate on the market, generally is directly to the user, this a particularly difficult to control.

2. The pHRaw material itself in different pH, in the process of fermentation, pH change is bigger also, if the fermentation process control is bad, it is possible will find fermentation pH above 8.5, or 5.5 below.Especially after acid product can lead to crop growth or death, and basic organic fertilizer, acid soil, due to the south instead of harm.

3. The chloride ion contentGenerally no one will go to test chloride ions content, but some raw material contains a lot of chloride ions, especially in severe avoid chlorine when used on crops, there will be a serious problem.Some manufacturers also use this kind of ammonium chloride containing chloride fertilizer join the organic fertilizer, in order to improve the total nutrient of nitrogen, which is lead to the chloride ion content is higher, affect the growth of crops.

4. SaltFertilizer in high salt, like spilled a bag of salt limited the fields and crops is affected.Generally speaking, life sludge, kitchen waste of raw materials such as high salt, not salt-tolerant crops will appear the phenomenon such as yellow leaves, leaves falling, wilting, death.Nie yongfeng believes that when the compost EC value is less than 9.0 ms/cm3, has no inhibitory effect on seed germination.

5. Cation exchange capacityGeneral rotten organic fertilizer, the cation exchange capacity is big, protecting fertilizer fertility, buffering capacity is strong, has very good buffer effect to pH, salt, to maintain the good condition of the soil has a very important role.Without rotten organic fertilizer or even dried dung, sell the cation exchange capacity is extremely low, don't buffer effect, on the contrary, also can endanger the buffering effect of the soil itself, responsible for the crop growth disorder.

6. Humic acidFresh raw materials do not contain almost humic acid, humic acid is produced in organic manure fermentation process continuously, particularly in high temperature fermentation (greater than 50 ℃).Humic acid and ammonium, potassium, sodium, can stimulate the function of the crop growth, also is easy to attract effect, also can increase crops resistance, fertility, germination, humic acid but also because of its ability to exchange and enhance soil buffer capacity.

7. Small molecules of fatty acidsCiavatta, think think such as low-level fatty acids have a bad effect on seed germination and plant growth.Small molecules of fatty acids is easy to attract flies, it is easy to observe.In general, small molecules of fatty acids in not rotten material, such as fresh chicken manure, etc.Its brings the harm is: small molecule fatty acid can inhibit seed germination, can inhibit the growth of root system.Heavy metals

8.Will heavy metal accumulation in plants, and ultimately through the food chain to focus on people, cause harm to people.And heavy metals can damage to the growth of crops.The equipment is expensive, most enterprise is no equipment to test the heavy metal, agricultural materials market until now see more law enforcement departments to do the heavy metal detection.9. Harmful microbesCompost temperature above 50 ℃ of time not less than 5 days, can kill pathogenic bacteria and worm eggs, achieve harmless.

But in fact, a lot of manufacturers in the production of organic fertilizer, due to technological level, failed to reach more than 50 ℃ or to finish to maintain a short time, most of the hatched from eggs, fecal coliform most failed to kill, this will affect the growth of the crop health.