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Tell you what is BB fertilizer fertilizer equipment

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-28 18:12:10

Tell you what is BB fertilizer fertilizer equipment

1, what is the BB Fertilizer, BB Fertilizer English name is called Bulk Blending Fertilizer, and a Chinese name is mixed fat, it is the elemental Fertilizer or multiple Fertilizer according to certain proportion mixing and become a kind of compound Fertilizer, today for everyone to introduce what is BB Fertilizer.

2, what is the BB fertilizer:

3, BB fertilizer is derived from the United States, due to rising energy prices, the BB fertilizer development quickly!BB fertilizer manufacturers in the United States has 8000, accounts for 70% of the total fertilizer, mainly concentrated in China tianjin, guangdong and jiangxi.

4, what is the BB fertilizer

5, BB fertilizer is the future development trend of the chemical fertilizer industry and its advantages are:

1, comprehensive, nutrient concentration is high, the cost savings, increase production efficiency, strong pertinence.It's the proportion of NPK and trace elements can be based on user demand for production.Suitable for measuring soil fertilizer needs.Scientific and targeted.

2, easy processing, low production cost, no pollution.

3, flexible, under the control of the computer for a few minutes time to produce the products.

6 fertilizer, BB fertilizer, whether do or basal is possible, because of its good solubility, do basal fertilizer on surface of the table, as far as possible should not be applied in the deep;Fruit trees, tea, vegetables with BB fertilizer can't broadcast, appropriate banding, is apart from the seed root is 3 ~ 5 cm, back cover soil fertilizer, fertilizer water line.