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The advantages and efficacy of organic fertilizer equipment production

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-25 18:13:03

The advantages and efficacy of organic fertilizer equipment production

Organic fertilizer advantage

1 compared with chemical fertilizers:1) the biological organic fertilizer nutrients is complete;Only one or several fertilizer nutrients.

2) biological organic fertilizer could improve soil;Fertilizer use can cause soil harden.

3) biological organic fertilizer can improve the product quality;Too much fertilizer lead to poor quality of the products.

4) biological organic fertilizer can improve crop rhizosphere microbes, improve the plant disease and insect resistance;Chemical fertilizer is a single crop microbial groups, prone to diseases and insect pests.

5) biological organic fertilizer can promote the use of fertilizer, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer;Fertilizer use easily resulting in the loss of nutrient of fixed and alone.

2 compared with refined:Poultry and animal feces after drying, crushing refined organic fertilizer is the packaging of goods sold organic fertilizer.

1) biological organic fertilizer completely rotten, do not burn the root, not rotten seedling;Refined organic fertilizer without rotten, used directly in the soil after rotten, can cause burning seedling phenomenon.

2) the biological organic fertilizer with high temperature rotten, killed most of pathogenic bacteria and worm eggs, reduce plant diseases and insect pests occurrence;Refined organic fertilizer without rotten, rotten in the soil, underground insect pests.

3) add the beneficial bacteria in biological organic fertilizer, due to the placeholder effect of bacteria, reduce disease occurs;Refined organic fertilizer with high temperature drying and killed all the inside of the microorganisms.

4) high biological organic fertilizer nutrient content;The refined organic fertilizer caused by high temperature treatment, the nutrient loss.

5) biological organic fertilizer with deodorant, light smell, almost odourless.Refined organic fertilizer without deodorant, get damp the stench.

3 and farmyard manure distinction:

1) the biological organic fertilizer completely rotten eggs mortality rate of 95% or more;Simple farmyard manure pile up, egg mortality rate is low.

2) biological organic fertilizer odourless,Farmyard manure has a stench.

3) convenient biological organic fertilizer application, uniform,Farmyard manure application of inconvenient, uneven fertilizer application.

4 and bio-bacterial manure distinction:

1) the biological organic fertilizer price cheap, to be controlled in 800 yuan per ton;Bio-bacterial manure is expensive, tens of thousands of yuan per ton.

2) biological organic fertilizer with functional bacteria and organic matter, can be fixed soil nutrient soil improvement to promote the release of;Bio-bacterial manure with functional bacteria, only through the use of functional bacteria to promote soil fixed fertilizer.

3) biological organic fertilizer organic matter itself is functional bacteria living environment,

easy to survive after plowing soil;And the functional bacteria with bio-bacterial manure may not fit some soil environment.