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The cautions of fertilizer equipment, production of organic fertilizer use

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-25 15:36:30

The cautions of fertilizer equipment, production of organic fertilizer use

1 to choose commodity organic fertilizer, take care.The first thing to find out sources of raw materials.Second choice of commodity organic fertilizer to small area experiment and demonstration.

2, rotten after fertilization.Most of the organic fertilizer such as newly bought chicken manure, cow dung often contain bacteria and other harmful substances, such as direct use of bad for crops, should be used after stacking fermentation.

3, strict control of fertilizer.Organic large volume, low nutrients, to a large number of applied to meet the needs of the crop, but it is not the more the better.Vegetable per quarterly amount control for chicken manure: 1500-2000 kg, fruit, classes and tubers vegetable crop fertilizer consumption is larger, general 2000 kg;Green crops fertilizer consumption is relatively small with 1500 kg advisable.

4, the collocation of organic and inorganic fertilization.Organic fertilizer nutrients complete, but when the crop growth peak of fertilizer often in short supply;Inorganic fertilizer can decompose, good for crop absorption, but lack of staying power.Application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer collocation, can satisfy the crop fertilizer requirement.

5, give priority to with basal deep soil.Organic fertilizer effect lasting, nutrient release is slow, generally as basal fertilizer, organic fertilizer, when deep conducive to soil, promote the soil granular structure formation, effectively improve the soil properties.

6, with biological fertilizer application.Biological bacteria in biological fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in organic fertilizer, can translate decompose harmful substances from the organic fertilizer at the same time.Generally in the organic fertilizer, can match into the biological fertilizer, 150-200 kilograms per mu, make topdressing, can be applied into 20 to 25 kg per acre.