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Three skills of storing organic fertilizer

Author: gufeng Time: 2019-11-19 16:41:48
For the farmers who often use the organic fertilizer equipment to produce organic fertilizer or the experts who specialize in the organic fertilizer equipment, they are all very clear that the incorrect storage mode can cause the nutrient loss of urea, hydrogen carbonate and other organic fertilizers So today we're going to talk about tips for storing organic fertilizer.
First: prevent the loss of nutrients caused by gas volatilization; when it is rotten, it must be covered tightly with non damaged plastic film. Moreover, the maturity time of the stacked mat should not be too long, and it must be used as soon as possible after the maturity.
Second: prevent nutrient loss due to water leakage; no matter it is rotted in a cesspit or on the flat ground, plastic film must be laid under the material to prevent nutrient leakage with water, and proper amount of water must be sprinkled.
Third: prevent the loss of nutrients caused by chemical reaction; in the process of composting, we should separate the manure and urine from the plant ash, and separate them into single storage, single storage and single use. Do not pour the plant ash together, and at the same time, we should prevent the plant ash from being lost by rainwater.
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