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Trough type compost turner Precautions in use

Author: gufeng Time: 2019-11-25 16:51:10
Notes on the composting and fermentation process of tank tipper
① composting time: composting time varies with carbon nitrogen ratio, humidity, weather conditions, composting operation and management type, waste and additives. The composting time of chopped fermentation compost with good operation and management is generally 14-30 days in summer. Complex in container composting can be completed in only 7 days.
② pay attention to the monitoring of the compost temperature. The compost temperature should be more than 55 ℃, so as to be conducive to both microbial fermentation and pathogen killing.
③ humidity: pay attention to monitoring the humidity of compost mixture at different stages. Too high or too low will reduce or stop the composting speed.
④ odor: odor is a good indicator of composting operation stage, and rotten odor may mean that compost changes from aerobic to anaerobic.
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