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Use fertilizer pellet machine for the first time the matters needing attention

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-19 16:27:03

Use fertilizer pellet machine for the first time the matters needing attention´╝č

1, the new machine for the first time use, it is necessary in otherwise unable to normal use.Type

2, SKJ120 lighting electricity power supply, power supply cord with no less than 4 square meters of copper wire, appearance using 5-10 a.

3, granule machine operations, do not use hand in feeding mouth, if there is demand, can use sticks to help feed.

4, the machine before the open, you must first add less, to boot.Turn off the machine to be kept inside a small amount of feed, to avoid touch idling machine roller and template.

5, machine operation such as rendering stuck in appearances, should immediately stop, press roller compaction to bolt after pine flat, then restart the machine.

6, each end of the job, will have to adjust the pressure roller bolt loosening.Use

7, the machine must be time or delivery must be after the number of particles, if build the grain to pieces or particle false, should put on the mill turn to below 2% - 4% of the water in the mixed feed.

8, often see belt firmness, avoid rendering machine production is low, belt creep, etc.

9, granule machine when first used to low load work 40 hours or so, and then replace the gear oil in the gearbox.100 hours in the future to replace regularly, inject grease all bearing regularly.

10 successive operations, granule machine, the motor heat to 70 degrees, is a normal appearance.