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Use need not dry fertilizer equipment

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-27 19:06:33

Use need not dry fertilizer equipment

Don't granulator dryers, environmental protection and energy saving organic ring die pellet machine adopted the domestic advanced principle of pelleting machine manufacturing technology, meticulous research, trial and error.Machine has the reasonable structure design, can produce cylindrical, round ball two types of granular product, on the basis of press, to adapt to the cast round device, is a rolled into the ball, cylindrical particles to produce particles with high molding rate, good strength, good appearance, etc.Is the ideal biological organic fertilizer granulation equipment.Widely used in fertilizer, feed processing plant.

Second, the use and features:

1, with peat, lignite, organic sludge, straw, as the raw material of biological organic fertilizer granulation;

2, such as chicken manure fertilizer as the main raw material of compound fertilizer granulation;

3, with bean cake, etc as main raw materials of cake fertilizer granulation;

4, such as corn, beans, grass meal as raw material to the full price of feed, mixed feed granulating;

5, with crop straw as the raw material of biological feed granulating straw grain pulp.

To the customer request processing various types of equipment.

Three, main technical parameters:

1, the feeder infinitely adjustable-speed, convenient feeding;

2, stainless steel shell, durable;

3, dry pump fuel, lubrication and reliable;

4, can deserve to lengthen or multi-layer conditioning;

5, and deserves to die, roller loading and unloading lifting device, transmission of imported high strength v-belts.

Our company wholeheartedly provides users with compound fertilizer complete sets of equipment technical services, including of 1-10 - without drying plant general layout design, production technical guidance, complete sets of supply, commissioning and put into production through-train service.