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Indonesia organic fertilizer production line delivery

Author: gufeng Time: 2022-06-24 09:32:22
Organic fertilizer refers to the use of crop straw and livestock and poultry manure as the main raw materials, after inoculation with microbial compound inoculants, the use of biochemical technology and microbial technology to completely kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs, eliminate odors, and use microorganisms to decompose organic matter and change macromolecular substances. It is a small molecule, and then achieves the purpose of deodorization, decomposing, dehydration and drying, and makes organic fertilizer with excellent physical properties, medium carbon and nitrogen ratio test, and excellent fertilizer efficiency. Bio-organic fertilizer belongs to biological fertilizer, and the difference between it and microbial inoculant is mainly manifested in the aspects of bacterial species, production industry and application technology.
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