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Fertilizer Rotary Dryer for Fertilizer Production Line

Author: gufeng Time: 2022-07-01 10:41:55
Working principle and structural characteristics:
The supporting device of the machine is supported by the looper belt and supporting roller on the inner cylinder at the high temperature end, and the low temperature end is supported by a rolling bearing on the central shaft, and adopts the central transmission, so that the overall structure is compact and reasonable. In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of wear parts, it is generally designed to be axially split in the middle and fixedly connected with bolts.
When the machine is working, the material and the hot air flow enter from the small end of the inner cone, and are lifted by the lifting plate to conduct sufficient heat exchange with the hot air, and at the same time move to the big end. In the same way, after entering the outer cylinder, the material is lifted by the spoon-shaped lifting plate and evenly scattered on the upper part of the outer wall of the inner cone. With the slow rotation of the cylinder, the material can experience a long residence time in the annular space. Finally, it flows to the outlet end along the tube wall and the guide plate on the outer wall of the inner tube, and is discharged through the flap valve, and the exhaust gas is discharged by the cyclone dust collector on the discharge hood.
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