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Organic manure fertilizer equipment manufacturing purposes

Author: gufeng Time: 2017-06-25 16:44:13

Organic manure fertilizer equipment manufacturing purposes

What equipment production of organic fertilizer

1, when it comes to organic fertilizer, I said the first, arguably, all contain 45 organic fertilizer can be called organic fertilizer, such as the animal dung that dung or plant residues of what these are organic raw materials, but we are in the classification, most tend to think of these things called organic fertilizer production, is our common this or that organic fertilizer.

2, there is a friend is agricultural planting, often send home of vegetables, and then said this is a natural organic fertilizer, no chemical fertilizers.They are curious, what organic fertilizer, he paused and said, I waste...

3, organic fertilizer, we need to have a concept, if the fertilizer from the fertility viewpoint, that is quite low.However, some adverse dealers, in order to benefit the role of organic fertilizer and excessive boast, let farmers to use organic fertilizer, other fertilizer all need not, said you can meet the crops grow.Because the cost is low, so many farmers are rolling in.Finally the crops yield serious decline or even more serious, thus let farmers produce misunderstanding to organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer in these area directly.

4, in fact, promote the value of organic fertilizer, not lies in its fertility, but rather for soil improvement, soil improvement, for the absorption of fertilizer, can be very high, the fertilizer is impossible.

5, the reason of the improved soil organic fertilizer mainly through the improvement of soil microorganisms in the environment, most microbes can secrete a lot of good for plant growth substances.This very good explanation, we have long natural evolution, plants absorb it has already become a habit.

6, for example, for now, science and technology so developed, people can not eat, eat some light synthetic vitamins or something, such as eating 21 Jin Wei him, body function almost no change.But, certainly is not satisfied, for the plant is the same, and the purpose of our organic fertilizer on the same.

7, in principle, the organic fertilizer usage within the prescribed scope is the more the better, but it also depends on the farmers bear ability.But every year on a bit, it is very necessary.