High Speed Dispenser Paint or Coating Dispersing Machine

High speed disperse mixer combines dispersing and mixing, used for different coloring or coatings or painting. Its lifting hand adopts hydraulic system, reach stable and integrated mixing without leakage. Its working speed can be up to 2930rpm ( bigger power, 1450rpm), linear velocity is over 20m/s, it can rapidly disperse the powder in the liquid evenly;

Due to the strong shearing force, the materials are dispersed evenly to good suspension effect. 



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Feature of high speed disperser mixer machine

easy operation and maintain

the mixing tank can exchanged quickly with wheels

differnt clamping types on the tanks to make the safe working 

adjustable high speed on the cabinet

power saved and oil saved

quick mixing and blending

pictures of high speed disperser mixer machine


mixer 2

mixer 3

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