The advantages and production process of BB fertilizer


BB fertilizer, also known as blended fertilizer, is a mixture of single fertilizer or multi-component fertilizer in a certain proportion. Usually in the form of granules or powder, it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. It can provide the nutrients needed for plant growth, increase production capacity and the ability to resist diseases and insect pests.


The difference between BB fertilizer and organic fertilizer

1. Ingredients: BB fertilizer is a chemically synthesized fertilizer, and organic fertilizer is made of natural organic substances.

2. Nutrient release speed: BB fertilizer has a certain water solubility and is easier to be quickly absorbed by plants. Organic fertilizers release nutrients slowly, but can provide long-term nutrient supply.

3. Impact on soil: Organic fertilizers can improve soil structure and increase soil water retention and air permeability. BB fertilizer will not have a significant effect on soil caking problems.

4. Reduce pests and pollution: BB fertilizer has been specially treated to prevent the introduction of foreign pathogens and bacteria, reducing problems such as the spread of pests and diseases and soil pollution.

5. Strong adjustability: BB fertilizer is easy to prepare, mix and dissolve. Fertilizer concentration and dosage can be adjusted according to the needs of the soil and plants.


Over-reliance and misuse of BB fertilizers can have negative impacts on soil quality and the environment. The comprehensive use of different types of fertilizers, such as organic fertilizers, biological fertilizers, etc., can better balance plant nutrients and soil environmental health.

BB fertilizer production process

1. Prepare raw materials: Prepare relevant raw materials according to the required formula, and adjust according to the proportional formula.

2. Crushing: Send the prepared raw materials into the pulverizer for grinding to ensure the fineness of the materials.

3. Mixing: BB fertilizer mixer has a large tank capacity, which can quickly mix powdery or granular materials evenly.

4. Granulation: The mixed powdered BB fertilizer can be processed into granular shape through a fertilizer granulator.

5. Drying packaging: Send the mixed fertilizer into the dryer to remove excess moisture. Convenient for long-term storage and transportation.

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