Types and advantages of fertilizers


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Fertilizers play a vital role in agriculture and have a significant impact on crop growth and yield. Fertilizers can be divided into inorganic fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and biological fertilizers according to the source and composition.

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Advantages of Inorganic Fertilizer

Inorganic fertilizers, also known as chemical fertilizers, refer to fertilizers that are composed of artificially synthesized chemical substances and do not contain organic substances. Inorganic fertilizers can be single-element fertilizers or compound fertilizers. Nutritionally suitable compound fertilizers can be formulated according to the needs of plants and the soil environment to increase crop yields. Common inorganic fertilizers include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which are the main nutrients needed for plant growth. Inorganic fertilizers have the advantages of fast nutrient supply, high content, and strong stability. Due to the presence of nutrients in inorganic fertilizers and in the form of inorganic salts, plants are more likely to absorb and utilize them.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers refer to fertilizers derived from living organisms or organic fertilizers, such as plant residues, animal manure, kitchen waste, wood chips, etc. Different from inorganic fertilizers, organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter, which can increase the water holding capacity, permeability and fertilizer retention of soil. Compared with the compound fertilizer, the nutrient content is lower, but the release is slow, and the fertilizer effect is long-lasting. It can effectively improve the soil environment and increase soil fertility without negative impact on soil, water and ecosystem.

Advantages of Biofertilizer

Biological fertilizer refers to the organic fertilizer produced through the biological fermentation process, including agricultural product residues, poultry manure, video processing residues, municipal solid waste, etc. It has rich organic matter, stable nutrient release, improved microbial activity, and increased the stability of the soil ecosystem. Biological fertilizer does not contain chemical components and harmful substances, will not pollute soil and water resources, and meets environmental protection requirements.

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