Cat litter production line and production process


With the continuous development of the pet market, cat litter, as one of the most important cat supplies, has always attracted attention for its quality and function. Recently, an overseas factory cooperating with our company has customized a new set of fully automatic cat litter production line, which has been installed now. This production line is highly automated from batching to packaging finished products, which greatly improves production efficiency. Precise mechanized production guarantees the quality and production environment of cat litter particles.

Types Of Cat Litter

Cat litter is a material specially used for cats to go to the toilet. It can quickly absorb the cat's urine and agglomerate into a spherical solid. Play a role in controlling odor and facilitating cleaning. Common cat litters include bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, crystal cat litter, sawdust cat litter, corncob cat litter, etc. All have good water absorption and deodorization properties, and the choice of cat litter can be determined according to the cat's preference and health status.


Cat Litter Processing Equipment Introduction

The best-selling cat litter pellet processing machines include disc pelletizers and flat die pelletizers. The finished granules of the disc granulator are spherical granules. Wet granulation method is adopted, and bentonite is usually used as raw material, which has the characteristics of strong water absorption, deodorization, low dust and environmental protection, and long-term use. The granules produced by the flat die granulator are cylindrical granules, such as tofu cat litter. Compared with bentonite cat litter, the two forms are different. Compared with bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter is weaker in water absorption, but has lower processing cost and higher environmental protection. The double-roll extrusion granulator can also produce cat litter granules. Through extrusion granulation, the raw materials do not need to be dried, and the processed granules are flat and round, and can be formed by one extrusion. The equipment has low energy consumption and small investment, and can be used with a rounding machine to make oblate particles into spherical granules.


Cat Litter Production Line

A complete automatic cat litter granule production line has: feeding system, mixer, pulverizer, granulator, drying cooler, screening machine, packaging machine and other equipment. Each process of producing cat litter can be intelligently handled by the equipment. Our company has rich experience in overseas projects, and will customize perfect solutions according to the customer's site needs.


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