The production process of organic fertilizer


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Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made of natural organic matter as the main raw material. It is rich in organic matter and can provide nutrients needed by a variety of plants. Such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other various trace elements and various organic substances can meet the comprehensive needs of plant growth.

Advantages of organic fertilizers

1. Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrition and is rich in various organic substances

2. The nutrient release rate is relatively slow, which can continuously provide the nutrient supply needed by plants

3. Regulate soil fertility and productivity, increase soil permeability and water retention

4. Organic fertilizer does not contain chemical synthetic ingredients, which is environmentally friendly and has no pollution risk

5. Can improve soil microbial activity, promote plant absorption, and prevent pests and diseases


The Difference Between Powdery Organic Fertilizer And Granular Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers have a wide range of uses, and materials such as poultry manure, river sludge, sugar residue wine tanks, and mineral powder can be processed into organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can be processed into powder and granular forms.

Differences and Advantages

1. Nutrient release speed: powder organic fertilizer can quickly provide plant nutrients, and granular organic fertilizer can provide nutrients for a long time

2. Application method: powdery organic fertilizer needs to be supplemented with fertilization many times because of its relatively fast release, and granular organic fertilizer has a longer release time

Powdered Organic Fertilizer Production Line

If you want to process biological waste into powdery organic fertilizer, you need to go through multiple production processes such as fermentation, crushing, stirring, and screening. The processed organic fertilizer can be packed into bags of specific specifications through automatic weighing and packaging machines, which is convenient for later transportation and storage. The organic fertilizer production line can also be used to process and produce nutrient pot soil. Peat, humus, coconut peat, vermiculite and other substances are mixed evenly by the mixer, and then sent to the belt conveyor, which can be transported to the next process for processing.

fertilizer production line

Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The granular organic fertilizer production line has one more granulation process than the powdered organic fertilizer production line. According to different material properties and finished product specifications, there are a variety of granulation equipment to choose from, such as:

1. Disc granulator: the ball forming rate can reach 93%.

2. Roller double granulator: One-time extrusion molding, the granules are flat and round.

3. Flat die granulator: high cost performance, the finished product is cylindrical.

4. Wet granulator: rotary drum granulator, stirring teeth granulator, rotary drum churning granulator, etc.

fertilizer granulation machine

Technology drives productivity, and the organic fertilizer production line has a high degree of automation and stable quality, which facilitates large-scale and precise production of the factory. Greatly improved production efficiency and reduced labor costs. In the production process of organic fertilizer, fully utilize and recycle resources, reduce the production and discharge of waste, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. To choose a suitable organic fertilizer production line, it is necessary to consider multiple dimensions such as production scale, technical requirements, equipment configuration, cost input, technical support and after-sales service. We can provide professional technical consultation and program design to help customers choose the most suitable fertilizer production line!

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