A new type of liquid fertilizer production process


Liquid fertilizers are different from traditional solid fertilizers. It is a form of fertilizer that dissolves, suspends or mixes nutrients in water or other solutions for plants to absorb and use.

Advantages of liquid fertilizers over traditional solid fertilizers:

1. High absorption rate: the liquid fertilizer has small nutrient molecules, which can quickly penetrate into the root system of plants and accelerate absorption

2. Good uniformity: uniform nutrition, avoiding excess and deficiency

3. Rapid response: when the plant lacks nutrients, it can quickly exert its effect

4. Convenient fertilization: irrigation, foliar spraying, drip irrigation and other fertilization methods can be used

5. Diversification of nutritional formula: flexibly adjust the formula according to different growth stages and needs of plants


liquid Fertilizer Production Process

The liquid fertilizer production line has wide applicability and can produce various liquid substances such as foliage fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, and tail gas purification liquid. A variety of raw materials can be processed into organic fertilizers, such as: humic acid, plant ash, potassium chloride, organic fertilizer, ect. Cow manure, chicken manure, pig manure and other poultry manure are mixed into biogas slurry, which has no smell after fermentation and can be processed into liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer effect is more than twice that of ordinary chemical synthetic fertilizers. It not only solves the pollution problem, but also belongs to green biopesticides.


Liquid Fertilizer Filling Machine

Liquid fertilizer filling machine is an automatic filling equipment specializing in the production of liquid fertilizer, which integrates infusion system, filling device, control metering system and packaging device. It is more efficient, precise and automatic, and is widely used in the production and packaging process of liquid fertilizer in agriculture, gardening, plant breeding and other industries.

Advantages of liquid fertilizer filling machine:

1. Stainless steel tank body, good sealing, quality assurance

2. Filling range 0.5ml-25l, support customized filling capacity

3. Adopt digital PLC display control, high filling accuracy, error ± 0.5ml

4. Meet the anti-corrosion and anti-rust requirements, easy to clean up later


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