Advanced Pelletization Technology Advances Agriculture


With the advancement of science and technology, the agricultural field is also constantly updated. Advanced granulation technology plays a vital role in agricultural development. Granulation technology effectively utilizes agricultural waste and by-products, such as straw, poultry manure, food waste, river sludge, etc. They are converted into valuable agricultural products such as organic and inorganic fertilizers and feeds, maximizing the recycling of resources.


Introduction to Double Roller Granulator

The double roller extrusion granulator is a commonly used granulation processing equipment. The dry granulation method is adopted, the material enters from the upper feeding port, and is extruded into oblate particles by a pair of rollers. It is widely used in processing urea granules, NPK granules, bentonite cat litter, organic compound fertilizer granules, etc.

Advantages of double roller granulator:

1. Granules are extruded at one time without any additives

2. Granulation at normal temperature, no need for drying, saving energy consumption

3. By adjusting the rollers, the size, shape and hardness of the finished particles can be changed

4. Small footprint, flexible combination with other related equipment


Double Roller Granulator Production Line

A complete extrusion granulation production line requires the following processes:

1. Ingredients system: It can be equipped with 4-6 kinds of materials, and the formula can be changed at any time. It is equipped with a remote control system and supports printing reports.

2. Crusher: quickly crush materials to reasonable particle size.

3. Feeder: Stir the mixed materials evenly and send them to the extrusion granulator below.

4. Double roller extrusion granulator: squeeze the material into oblate particles at one time.

5. Screening machine: realizes classification of finished products, and unqualified granules are returned for re-granulation to make the finished granules uniform in size and of higher quality.

6. Packaging, etc.: Equipped with precise measurement and weighing system and anti-interference technology to realize automatic error compensation and correction.

Double roller granulator is deeply loved by large and medium-sized enterprises. Recently, our company helped African customers solve the problems of raw material granulation, reached friendly cooperation with customers, and brought advanced granular fertilizer production technology into the African market. This cooperation initiative will lay a solid foundation for our expansion in overseas markets and push us to take an important step in the international arena.


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