How to process poultry manure into organic fertilizer


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Poultry manure has always been a major problem in agricultural production. Not only does it occupy a large amount of land area, but it also easily causes environmental and water pollution. New fermentation equipment is used in the conversion of poultry manure, which can quickly turn waste into treasure and convert it into organic fertilizer to help increase agricultural production. This fermentation equipment brings dual benefits to agricultural development and environmental protection.

Fermentation And Composting Equipment

High-efficiency fermentation and composting equipment that can easily process organic waste.

Whether it is poultry manure from farms, crop residues, or kitchen waste from restaurants, our equipment can quickly and efficiently convert it into nutrient-rich organic matter.

Compared with traditional fermentation methods, the advantages of fermentation equipment are obvious:

1. Efficiency: Fermentation equipment can provide stable temperature, humidity and ventilation environment, which is conducive to the growth and activity of microorganisms. It can process livestock manure more efficiently, saving time and labor costs.

2. Intelligent: Fermentation equipment is more intelligent and can be matched with related equipment to form a complete production line.

3. Reduce odor and pollution: The fermentation equipment adopts special treatment, which can effectively control the stench released by the fermentation of poultry manure and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.

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Types of Fermentation Equipment

There are many types of fermentation equipment. Common fermentation equipment include:

1. The wheel compost turner: the turning depth can reach 1.5-3m, the turning span can reach 30m wide, and the energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared with traditional turning equipment under the same operation.

2. Crawler type compost turner: the turning site is flexible and the cab operation is simple.

3. Chain plate type compost turning machine: high position turning and throwing, long stay time on the pallet, full contact between material and air, can play a role in reducing moisture.

4. Hydraulic lifting turning machine: Through several throwing knives fixed on the knife roller, the fermented material is crushed, turned and thrown backwards, which can realize the inorganic variable speed adjustment of the turning speed.

5. Fermentation tank: pollution-free sealed fermentation treatment, equipped with a deodorization system and high anti-corrosion performance. The harmless treatment process can be completed in 10 hours, covering a small area, and high-temperature fermentation can completely kill disease and insect eggs.

How to choose a suitable fermentation equipment should be considered from multiple dimensions, such as site area, production capacity requirements, operation and maintenance, cost budget, etc. The intelligent fermentation equipment efficiently converts manure into organic fertilizers, and can be combined with other related fertilizer processing equipment of our company to process powdery organic fertilizers into granular organic fertilizers. We can solve problems for customers from a professional perspective and develop complete design plans and technical support. We look forward to cooperating with you to contribute to the promotion of new agricultural technologies and the reuse of environmentally friendly resources.

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