Russian Customers Came To Visit The Fertilizer Granulator

Recently, we were honored to receive a group of important customers from Russia. They visited our fertilizer equipment factory for in-depth exchanges and inspections.

The Russian friend expressed a strong interest in our fertilizer granulator. We showed the customer the latest granulation technology in the industry and the complete fertilizer production line process. Customers have highly recognized our equipment and look forward to working with customers to create a new fertilizer market.


Advantages of fertilizer granulation machine:

1. Efficient production: It can efficiently convert powdery materials into granules, improve fertilizer utilization, and facilitate storage and transportation.

2. High quality: The granules processed by the fertilizer granulator have a uniform shape, enabling precise fertilization of particles.

3. Adjustable: By adjusting the mold or parameters, granules of various sizes from 1 to 6 mm can be produced to meet market diversity.

4. Adaptability: It is suitable for a variety of raw materials and can produce urea granules, npk granules, organic and inorganic fertilizer granules, cat litter, fragrance beads, etc.

5. Automation: Equipped with an automated control system to achieve continuous production and improve production efficiency.

6. Environmental protection: Compared with powder production, the fertilizer granulation production line can adopt a dust-free design to reduce the impact of dust and other pollution on the environment.

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