African Customers Visit Fertilizer Production Line


The production of granulation equipment is very popular in the African market. Customers have traveled thousands of miles to visit our factory. We are grateful for their trust in our company. The customer has determined the site and raw material issues. During this visit, he wanted to learn more about the process technology of the fertilizer production line and fertilizer production issues.

Our technical staff led customers to visit the NPK fertilizer granule production line. Customers expressed their affirmation and confidence in our strict quality management system and automated production model. In-depth discussions were held based on fertilizer market demand, industry trends, technological innovation, and environmental issues, providing a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.

Rotary drum churning granulator production line:

1. Large production capacity: the output can reach 2-10 tons per hour, achieving continuous production.

2. Wet granulation: The finished granules have high uniform hardness and wide applicability of materials.

3. Low energy consumption: It can reduce energy consumption and raw material waste.

4. Simple operation: automatic control, simple operation, and convenience for daily maintenance and cleaning.

fertilizer plant (2).jpg

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