Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine

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Introduction of Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine

The complete equipment of organic fertilizer coating machine is composed of screw conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump, main machine, etc., and is used together with dry powder coating agent dusting machine and liquid coating agent spray system. Effectively improve the agglomeration problem of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granules, make the surface smoother and rounder, and increase the brightness of the granules. The equipment can be customized with stainless steel and rubber linings according to the different materials to be processed. Play the role of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, effectively prolonging the service life of equipment.

Feature of Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine

1. Effectively prevent the particle caking of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

2. The inner lining is made of special anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials, and the service life of the equipment is longer

3. Granules have high ball strength, oily and bright appearance, and high quality

4. Low energy consumption, convenient operation and high degree of automation

Working Process of Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine

The drum fertilizer coating machine uses the rotating motion of the cylinder to coat powder or liquid microorganisms on the surface of the particles to improve the fertilizer efficiency of the particles. It can also be used with anti-caking agents and extenders to make the finished granules more bright and round, and effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizers and achieve the effect of slow release.

Technical Parameter of Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine

Throughput (t/h)Power (kw)

Product Details of Drum Fertilizer Coating Making Machine


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