Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

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Introduction of Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

The vertical chain crusher is a multifunctional crushing equipment hot sales by our company. Not only can it be used to deal with the agglomeration of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, but it is also suitable for crushing other materials, such as: chemical particles, limestone, coal, cow dung, horse manure, etc. The upper and lower structures of the device are connected, so it is not easy to be blocked. The side is equipped with a movable door for observation, which is convenient for later cleaning and maintenance, and a manual oil pump to lubricate the upper and lower bearings. The internal structure is composed of two layers of chains and three layers of blades. When working, the material is impacted and crushed by the high-speed rotating chain, and the crushed material is uniform, not easy to stick to the wall, and easy to clean. The vertical chain crusher has a small footprint and can be placed flexibly. It can be combined with our company's related fertilizer equipment to form an automated fertilizer production line with different outputs.

Feature of Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

1. Efficient crushing: the crushing speed is fast, and the material is crushed evenly

2. Adjustable crushing degree: By adjusting the speed and the number of hammers, the crushing degree of the material can be controlled to meet different needs

3. Compact structure: vertical structure, small footprint, flexible placement

4. Low energy consumption: the transmission device with high efficiency and low energy consumption is adopted to effectively reduce energy consumption

5. Safety protection: Equipped with overload protection device and automatic shutdown protection system

6. Flexibility: It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios and is a multifunctional device

7. Advanced technology: high-quality materials, wear-resistant, non-stick, longer life

Working Process of Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

Materials are fed into the machine through the feed port. When the machine is started, the high-speed rotating chain breaks up the material, and the hammer is responsible for dividing the material. The material is violently impacted and rubbed in the bin, and is dispersed into smaller particles. The crushed material is discharged to the outside of the machine through the discharge port, and the crushing effect is uniform.

Technical Parameter of Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

ModelMax feed size (mm)Output size (mm)Motor power (kw)Producing capacity (t/h)

Product Details of Vertical Chain Crusher Fertilizer Making Machine

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